Thai Recycling, And The Too Fat Farrang

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My first day getting to work was very difficult because of a serious language barrier – and my North American size! Read more about it at the Habitual Runaway

Habitual Runaway Tours

Garbage Along the Klongrien

My teaching ‘headquarters’ were right across from the ‘khlong’. A khlong rien is a multipurpose ‘water’way, used for rain water run off and sewage.

Most of them are concreted off, to slow down ground water contamination, though in the smaller communities they still resemble natural rivers or large ditches.

The Klong

The Khlong has a particular smell, is murky, and not entirely appealing to the foreign eye.

I would learn that most Thais here love the Klong – they swim in it, fish in it and want to live near it.

Along The Klong

The Klongs are viewed the same as waterways anywhere else – desirable real estate – a place where people gather and where the more expensive homes are located.


Of course that doesn’t mean that they aren’t primarily lined with garbage, they are. Thailand is a bit behind on recycling, and though my neighbourhood had daily garbage pick…

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