Making Apologies

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Apology Lesson

I taught my older students some complex ideas that I thought they might need as they go on to work and travel in the English world.

Namely being polite, appropriate, making greetings and apologies. I would lay out my expectations clearly and allow them to work in groups to help each other.

Thai is very different from English, and some of our concepts are entirely foreign to each other. We have very different ideas of what is and isn’t appropriate, of what one should and shouldn’t do.

For example, in Canada we commonly wear shorts and a tank top, or a sundress – if and when the weather allows. In Thailand only ‘working women’ show décolletage. That pretty much excludes tank tops and sun dresses for daily wear, for the most part.

And in Thailand, it is very common to hear people throwing words around (in daylight hours!) that we wouldn’t normally use. Sexy being one of the most dramatic. I had strangers and students of all ages referring to me as sexy. I made it my mission to teach everyone I could, why and when that is appropriate (or not!!!).


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